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Life / Term Insurance 





If you believe that you will die rich and money left by you will be sufficient for your loved ones for better living then there is no need for life/term Insurance plan but if you have any doubt in your mind don't wait ,buy a term/life Insurance Policy immediately.  You are already too late.








INSSIDERS will suggest you the best pure term/ life Insurance plan for you with maximum features. Never buy Insurance plan just for sake of getting Tax benefits. It is important to note that a higher claim settlement Ratio in Life /term Insurance means the more reliable the insurer. History of claims settlement ratio trend is also important. Before choosing an insurer, you should look into the claim payment ratio.

INSSIDERS Insight : Always remember that life insurance is never bought, but always sold. Don't expect an agent to even mention term insurance. Agent will hardly suggest you to buy term/Life Insurance. He will always try to push the fancier alternatives like ULIPS. Commissions are his bread and butter and he will try and sell you one that benefits him. 

ULIP is an insurance product that combines insurance and investment benefits in a single plan. Never buy such mixed plans. Always buy pure Term/life Insurance Plan. For investment go for Direct Mutual Funds, Fixed deposits, NPS, PF other Government schemes, they will give much higher return then actually committed by your agents. INSSIDERS will get the fixed commission in anything you buy from us but we don't want you to suffer after years or your family on your unfortunate death.


The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Irdai) has published the details of claim settlements of all life insurance companies for the year 2021-22 in its annual report.  Source :IRDAI Annual Report 2021-22.















Major Grounds for Claim Rejection

Keep in mind the reasons that could lead to your claims getting rejected. The following point may help you avoid such a situation in the foreseen future.

  • False Information

  • Delay in Premium Payment

  • Undisclosed Medical History

  • Undisclosed Existing Insurance Policies

Never buy a CHEAP life /term Insurance, buy the BEST and from renowned Insurer only having history of settling maximum claims in minimum timeframe. 


Protect Your Family

Buy life insurance as it can help you protect your family in the event of your unfortunate death. Life insurance plans provide a death benefit that your family can use to pay for their financial obligations like rent, medical emergencies, fees and important monthly expenses.


General Rule

Any earning person should be insured for at least 10 years’ income. Never Mix Insurance Plan with Investment plan buy them separately. Why Insurance companies are selling Investment plans ?

Insurance industry designs products that only have the bare minimum insurance! Does that make sense? Well, actually, it makes perfect sense for the insurance companies and their agents.


Pure Term Insurance

No matter what the salesperson say, anyone who has a family should not put even a paisa in Ulips (or any other investment) before they buy 10 times their income worth of life cover policy using pure term insurance. Once you have made your family’s future secure with 10 times your annual income, tackle investment as a separate and different kind of problem. NEVER BUY ULIP PLANS

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Life Insurance Companies

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