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Our Team.

We are a team of skilled Software Engineers, Doctors, Accountants, Lawyers, Marketing analysts, Data Analyst , Insurance experts, Retd. Government officers, Investors and many consultants. We were the best in the organization, we worked for years and now we have come together  with common agenda to make an impact and display how we can provide exponential growth in your business.


We are the INSSIDERS. No one knows our organization better than us. We are everywhere and unmatchable because we are always open to welcome the best but unrecognized  INSSIDERS.

Inssider : 5

Govt. Expert :

Experience of 35 years.

Framing, implementing and reviewing policies. Management and disbursement of various funds.

Inssider : 6


Experience of 21 years.

Collecting, tracking & correcting company's finances.  Audits, reconciling  statements & ensuring accuracy of financial records.

Inssider : 7


Experience of 15 years.

Advertising production across multiple media. Promotions and sales tactics. Owner of Marketing Agency.

Inssider : 8


Experience of 11 years.

Establish and operate accreditation programme for healthcare organisations.

Inssider : 9


Avg. Experience of 15 years.

Professional investors, commit capital but do not play an active role in managing the business

Inssider : 0


Experience of 18 years.

Finding INSSIDERS and bringing them under one roof. 

More than 80+ Inssider 

EXPERTS from various fields

Avg. Experience of 9 years.

working in various 15 Insurance companies, 7 Banks, 18 TPAs, 6 software firms, 5 marketing firms, 11 Government  projects. etc.

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